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Swashbuckling and Violence Design Classes at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts
Winter 2017
Look for a Medieval Fighting class in the Spring!



Custom workshops and lecture/demonstrations are available on just about anything you can imagine that has to do with stage combat, historical combat, literary violence, or stunt work. These can be geared to just about any age. Lecture/demos can accommodate as many people as you have room for in the venue. Workshops generally have varying limits on numbers of participants depending on the content. The best thing to do if you want something special is to contact us, either by phone (773-517-2965) or email ( We will be happy to talk about what your needs are and how we can fulfill them.


Custom Lecture/Demonstrations we have done in the past include:


The Bard's Brawls - A look at fights exclusively from Shakespeare.


A History of the Sword - An overview of the development of the sword from Roman times to modern fencing, with demonstrations of various forms of swordplay.


The History of Piracy - Describing both the fact and fiction of the golden age of piracy, with stories about many famous pirates, and lots of swashbuckling swordplay.


The Age of the Duel - Focusing specifically on European ritual surrounding the 'affair of honor' that claimed 10,000 Frenchmen in one year at its height.


Weapons of the Wild West - From gunplay to whip work to the bowie knife, the American West was a wild, and often dangerous place. We separate the myths from the historical truths about cowboys, gunslingers, and Indians.


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