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We Do That...And Much More!
It's no secret that Chicago is home to many skilled fight choreographers. Why choose R&D?

The next time you choose a production team, remember that R&D can deliver enormous versatility, unmatched experience, and a comprehensive suite of services for your show.

VERSATILITY: Most choreographers can stage a fistfight or a sword duel. R&D does that... and more. We do the things other people don't know how to do. Need a character to throw a rock and hit someone right in the head, night after night? We've done that. Ever stage an outdoor stunt show with 50+ performers, half a dozen cannon, muskets, body burns, and a tall ship? We have. Have you ever had a fight choreographer tell you that a fight wasn't necessary in a particular moment, and give you great way to achieve exactly the effect you were going for using nontraditional movement? We do that, too. Whether your show needs a slap, a swordfight, a hanging, or a full-scale shooting war, R&D has the skills, know-how, and experience to bring it to life.

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES: We understand that some choreographers don't work with guns, don't have swords to rent, or make the props person search for weapons. These are strange concepts to R&D. Our philosophy is that the violence designer is a one-stop shop. If your show needs a giant melee with everyone weilding swords, we can help. Need a Colt peacemaker for your cowboy or a shield for your knight? Sure, got those too. Need something unusual like a rubber fire ax or a broadsword sized for a fourth-grader? Give us a bit of time, and we'll find it for you, or have it made. We also do a wide range of blood effects...bullwhip work...stunts like high falls and body burns...we provide specialty pads and armor to protect actors...and the list goes on. Hire R&D, and you know your show needs are covered. Period. 

EXPERIENCE: Check out our production history under the ABOUT section on the menue bar. You'll soon realize that R&D brings the experience of 250+ productions to bear when it's time to solve your artistic problem. Richard Gilbert and David Bareford have 50 years of combined choreographic experience! We've worked on stage, on film, with union actors, with high school students, in small intimate settings, and in epic outdoor venues. Oh...and that production history doesn't mention any of the long list of classes and seminars we've taught, demonstrations we've given, or workshops we've led. We've been around the block, and our experience helps us help you craft the show you envision.

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